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Gain Control of Your Environment, Guaranteed!

4 Simple Steps

Prep & Setup

We prep the area by taping and covering any areas that won’t be sealed, and then set up the equipment, including the compressor, blower door, emitters, hoses, and the AeroBarrier machine.

Pressurize & Apply

Using a blower door, we pressurize the space and then allow the computerized process to apply the sealant. The computer controls the temperature, pressure, humidity, and distribution of the sealant.

Real-time Results

100 % guaranteed, see the results in real-time, and have complete control over your desired level of envelope tightness and leakage reduction.

Clean Up

Work can resume immediately after the sealant dries to the touch within 30 minutes. The excess sealant is swept up and the tape and coverings are removed.

How it works videos

What Our Seal Looks like

BENEFITS​ That Matter

Measurable Results

As AeroBarrier is applied, the results are displayed in real time.
By incorporating a blower door, the AeroBarrier system is able
to dial in your desired leakage.


No more caulking needed to weatherize a space pre-drywall. Meet and verify air tightness requirements in real time, avoid sealing guesswork, and save on time, material and labor.


Sealant achieves durability performance in 3 key areas: flexing, aging and compatibility in tests simulating 50 years of service.

Fast & Easy to Apply

From start to finish, the sealing process takes 60-90 minutes.
In new construction applications, prep and clean up time is minimal – typically taking less than an hour.

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